It is an online platform that enables children aged 3-6 years to excel by offering them with an exceptional learning experience based on entertainment, character development, value creation, and behavioral foundations, through GLOBAL MARVELS Curriculum (International Early Childhood Curriculum), which was developed by international academics who specialize in early childhood curricula. Teaching English to non-native speakers in partnership with an international company.

It is a bilingual education that includes 50% English and 50% Arabic.

We at GLOBAL MARVELS provide a unique educational experiences , in which we work on developing children's skills and abilities in all areas (linguistic, arithmetic, emotional, kinetic, and perceptual), as well as motivating them to achieve the desired goals, by training them on skills and concepts related to the six fundamental concepts:


  1. Language
  2. Math
  3. Sciences.
  4. Emotional and social concepts.
  5. Arts.
  6. Strengthen their small and large muscles.


An online learning service with oriented and safe entertainment for our children through interactive virtual classes in Arabic and English with the presence of discussion groups with their friends and an account for each child and another for the guardian to follow up via the website and the application.

All of this is created to support the children succeed and accomplish their goals. and to see them in the future in the best and the noble positions and leadership places.




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Our Vision

To make Global Marvels as a global leader in the field of online learning which involves entertainment, character development, moral and behavioral foundation for our children all over the world.


Our Mission

To provide an online learning service with safe oriented entertainment for our children.


Our Curriculum

We, GLOBAL MARVELS, depend on the (International Early Childhood Curriculum) curriculum, which is bilingual and we work through it to develop the child's skills through our knowledge of all aspects of the child: linguistic - arithmetic - emotional - motor – cognitive



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