It begins at 1:00 p.m. Dubai time, and the live broadcast will last an hour for each child. There are virtual classrooms in which the child meets his friends, as well as recorded classes, and the child will have a specific timetable. We hope that the children will have a special experience that will be preserved in their memory.

We provide a unique educational experiences , in which we work on developing children's skills and abilities in all areas (linguistic, arithmetic, emotional, kinetic, and perceptual), as well as motivating them to achieve the desired goals, by training them on skills and concepts related to the six fundamental concepts (LanguageMathSciences, Emotional and social concepts, Arts, Strengthen their small and large muscles)

Global Marvels curriculum is the International Early Childhood Curriculum for preschoolers.

The curriculum is built on the learning through play as a tool for comprehension and perception, as well as a means of child development. The learning curriculum teaches basic early childhood skills such as strengthening small and large muscles, language and arithmetic, science, and arts, as well as paying attention to the child's social and emotional aspects through this unique learning experience that motivates him/her to achieve the desired goals.

The strategy adopted here is for the child to learn the fundamentals of the language. The supervisor and the teacher will be in continual communication if there is a question or to clarify anything.

Marvels international curriculum is bilingual, meaning 50% English 50% Arabic.

Both the parents and the child will have an account on the Global Marvels platform with a special code, and the parents will be given entrance instructions.

Online learning platform for early childhood (3-6 years) in Arabic and English (A global curriculum) targeting every country and operating all year.