Last Updated: September 5, 2021


Welcome to “Global Marvels” platform.

Global Marvels offers a "Global Marvels" platform addressed to the development of the child with content dedicated to his age group from 3 to 6 year old, and the platform allows registration for all children around the world. We provide the service of the platform in accordance with the following terms and conditions:



Section 1: Definitions

In this agreement unless otherwise required by the context, the following terms shall have the meanings referred to.
“Global Marvels”, “Platform”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” refers to “Global Marvels” platform and Global Marvels in United Arab Emirates.
“Guardian”, “User”, “You” or “Your” refers to the person who visits or uses the platform, whether a guardian or a user who is 18 years of age or older, and is legally responsible on behalf of the child.
“Employee” refers to the employees affiliated to the platform who provide content and services to the children in accordance with the policies and working mechanisms of the platform.
“Child” refers to every child aged 3 to 6 who registers on the platform for the purposes of benefiting from the services and content of the platform.
“Service/Services” refers to the service/services available via the platform, this includes the benefit from all services referred to in "Section 2" and other services available currently or in the future via the platform, whether paid or free.
“Content” refers to curriculums, educational and pedagogical content, any materials, texts, videos, information, data, figures or other content available through the platform.
“Agreement” refers to this document and terms and conditions contained therein, as well as the privacy policy, all service provision policies, all policies that complement and implement your agreement with us, all service descriptions posted on the platform's home page or sub-pages, as well as all contracts that are complementary to this agreement, which are an integral part of this agreement.
“Laws” refers to regulations applicable in United Arab Emirates.


Section 2: Our Services

  1. Global Marvels platform is concerned with the development of the child with content dedicated to his age group from 3 to 6 year old age , and it is a American international curriculum in partnership with an American company under the supervision of a specialized work team with a Ph.D. degree and above from the best world universities.
  2. All content materials are recorded and the child can re-listened and watched them at any hour of the day. We also provide Global Marvels library readable of employee voice for the stories of our curriculum with the possibility of retaining them.
  3. A diversity in means of receiving with all pedagogical methods available globally now and the latest technical equipment.
  4. The child's full interaction with his colleagues and get to know them in an controlled security atmosphere.
  5. The platform provides an alert to the child and guardian with live classes appointments on a daily basis.
  6. The guardian can upload the application with a special account for him that he can communicate with the employee and supervisor through.
  7. The platform will hand over to the child's guardian a detailed report on all the child's skills and cognitive acquisitions, hours of attendance and the points and medals he will get during his subscription.


 Section 3: Legal Limits for Our Services

  1. Our services and content are provided through the platform with the license for use system and for a specified period , is the subscription period that the guardian chose for his child, and the platform provides the content for the child commensurate with the child's age group and the level to which he reached.
  2. You know and agree that the content we offer is provided through a global American company which is responsible for developing and providing content to display it by us through the platform.
  3. You know and agree that the content varies from time to time, so the platform changes the content as needed and in line with the educational and pedagogical vision of the platform.
  4. The platform's role is limited to providing Global Marvels services technically and our role is limited at that. Also the platform regulates the provision of services and offers them technically to be available 24-hour.
  5. The platform is legally responsible for its work only, and is not responsible for the work of others. Therefore the platform does not bear any legal liability arising from any personal or professional errors caused by any users of the platform, whether they were employees, children or any other users of the platform.
  6. The platform shall not be connected with children through any legal relationship and each act of the children shall be under the supervision and the consent of the guardian.
  7. In case of the non-existence of the guardian, the platform shall be whoever enjoys the tutorship or legal guardianship over the child and replaces the guardian in relation to the enjoyment of rights and being restricted by the obligations contained in this document.


Section 4: Legal Nature of Agreement

  1. This agreement is considered as a valid contract that has complete conditions and statutory pillars. Also the contract is valid and systemically considering, its terms and obligations are binding on all users of the platform. Moreover the platform is considered to be the first party in this contractual relationship, the user is considered to be the second party in this contractual relationship, and no party may be derogation from its obligations under the terms of this agreement.
  2. This agreement contains all contractual items governing the regular relationship between all parties, and therefore any other provisions not stipulated in this agreement will not be attached to it, and will not have regular consequences. Any contracts signed between the platform and any party as well as all agreements made via platform services such as messages, chat, pages of services, requests and other matters complementary to this agreement are excepted.
  3. An electronic contract arises from requesting services between the platform on the one hand and the guardian on the other and this contract is considered a "contract of providing a service" under which the employee shall be bound to provide whole service to the child, and this agreement works to implement this digital contract concluded between the platform and the guardian.
  4. The pages of the services which include an illustrative description of the service as well as any written or electronic contracts drafted between the platform on the one hand and any other person regarding the services of the platform are considered to be  part of this agreement and are subject to its provisions.


 Section 5: Providing the platform and accessing to it

  1. The platform always attempts to make available its electronic services in the ideal way and uses in this regard all the tools, equipment, devices, programs and the means of protection necessary for making available the services in addition to taking all the necessary legal procedures.
  2. The platform does not guarantee that its services are available at all times for any reason which is beyond its control, nor does it guarantee that it works well on all mobile devices. Also, for the devices on which the platform works, there might be a delay or breakdowns due to a breakdown in the internet. Consequently, you exempt us from liability therefore.
  3. The user must secure the method of communication that he uses to connect to the platform, to use the necessary means of protection and use of anti-malware software, and the platform will not be responsible in any way in case the user suffers any damage resulted from his access to the platform.


Section 6: Consent and Capacity

You declare that you have the legal capacity necessary for concluding and accepting this agreement and that you have the full unrestricted legal authorities according to the following conditions:

  1. It shall be stipulated for whoever uses “Global Marvels” platform to have the legal capacity for concluding the contracts and not to have any of the impediments of capacity and we shall not be responsible for verifying the capacity of any of the users of the platform.
  2. The guardian or user must be 18 years of age or older, and if he is less than that  he must use the platform under the supervision of the parents or guardian.
  3. The child must be from 3 to 6 years of age and if he is less or more than that , he must be prohibited from using the platform and the guardian is legally responsible for determining the age of the child and all the data provided about him.
  4. With your use of the services of “Global Marvels” you agree on this agreement and you declare that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions stipulated therein.
  5. You declare that under this agreement you will not rely on any promises, guarantees or emphasis by or on behalf of “Global Marvels” platform except what is provided for in this agreement.


Section 7: Digital Signature

Any of the following cases shall be deemed to be a digital signature of this agreement:

  1. Through your registration to get an account via the platform or via clicking for accepting the conditions of the service upon claiming so via the platform, you shall be considered to have implemented this agreement and the other conditions of the service online and it shall be legally enforceable for you from the date of registering your account or from the date of clicking for accepting the conditions of the service.
  2. Your use of these services shall be deemed to be an express consent by you to the terms and conditions provided for in this document and all the other policies and you shall be legally bound by them from the date of this use.


Section 8: Membership Registering

  1. The guardian must register an account for his child on the platform in order to be able to benefit from the services and content provided by the platform for each subscription package, and the guardian provides us with child's account registration data which may include (name, child's age, country), and the platform provides a username and a password for each child.
  2. Once the user registers on the platform, he is fully responsible for the account on the platform. Also the user represents only himself, and he does not have the right to register on behalf of anyone else without obtaining our consent.
  3. During registration or at any time, the platform may require the submission of documents verifying the identity of the user, but this step does not provide a firm guarantee that each user is the same person he claims to be.
  4. The data is provided via the platform at the user's personal responsibility and therefore he bears any legal responsibility in case this data is incorrect, inaccurate, outdated, that of other persons, false or not identical for any reason.
  5. The user undertakes that he is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information in his account such as the user name and password and that he is responsible for any disclosure to third parties in relation to this information. Also, he is responsible for any use done by any person to whom he disclosed this confidential information.
  6. It is prohibited to share your account with anyone else or to give your email or password to anyone else to present the courses from his device, and the platform has the ability to disclose that technically and in this case it has the right to block your account without sending a notification for you.
  7. The user undertakes to report immediately in case of penetrating the account or its theft as well as discovering any illegal use of this account in the platform in order for us to be able to take the technical actions necessary for maintaining the account.
  8. You may not use another person’s account at any time without having an express consent from “Global Marvels”.


 Section 9: Providing services to children

  1. The platform provides a live broadcast daily for five days, the platform provides online lessons, daily assignments and a specific time by the platform live in Arabic and English.
  2. Children can upload lessons available via the platform, and the platform provides a bedtime story for children to be heard seven days a week.
  3. The curriculums and lessons are provided to children 50% in English and 50% in Arabic , and the platform may change its policy.
  4. The curriculum and lessons are provided depending on the child's age and level he reached to, therefore a disparity in ages may happen in the same level  and an older child may be at a lower level and a younger age child may be at a higher level.
  5. The platform provides a secure monitoring system for recording everything that goes on the platform, and the registered materials can be used to be provided to the competent authorities in case of any legal or judicial claims.


 Section 10: Communicating with guardians

  1. The platform provides direct communication between guardians and employees via the platform to inquire about his child and provide all the information requested by the employee.
  2. The guardian is communicated through the website, and the guardian agrees to the declarations that are made to him through contacting via the website.
  3. The platform provides contact numbers through the platform or through its marketing campaigns, and the guardians can communicate directly during the working times of the platform.


Section 11: Subscriptions policy 

  1. The platform provides benefiting from its services with the subscriptions system, and the platform allows subscription for (one month, 4 months, 8 months), and the platform sets the subscription prices in advance and the user can choose from them.
  2. The platform allows the guardian to cancel the subscription to the end of Thursday of the first week of the subscription max, and 100 United Arab Emirates dirham is deducted from the subscription value as an administrative fee.
  3. In case the first week has elapsed, the guardian doesn’t has the right to cancel the subscription and he bears the full value.
  4. “Global Marvels” platform shall reserve the right to modify the subscription policy  at any time it considers appropriate.


Section 12: Payment Policy

  1. The subscription value is paid in US dollars or its equivalent "according to the platform's vision".
  2. The price of subscriptions shall be paid through the payment methods approved by us (Mada, Visa, MasterCard).
  3. The platform doesn’t agree to incur the consequence of any mistake related to the payment process done by the user. Also, it doesn’t incur the consequence any hacking act or deception connected with credit cards or the bank accounts of the user.
  4. The user shall incur all the banking fees connected with the transfer of funds to the platform via the payment methods approved by us.
  5. The amounts paid by the user to the platform shall be final and may not be modified either in increase or decrease and they may not be recovered except with the consent of the platform.
  6. “Global Marvels” platform shall reserve the right to modify the policies of fees and payment  at any time it considers appropriate.


Section 13: Copyrights

  1. "Global Marvels" platform, including an application, website and ideas expressed within them are exclusive intellectual property rights for us and are subject to national and international legal protection.
  2.  Any imitation or quotation of the platform or some of its services (including ideas, texts, codes and software) is  considered a violation of our copyright. Also this constitute an attack to our rights contained in national and international laws.
  3.  All the contents included or available within the “Global Marvels” services such as (texts, logos, pictures, graphs, voice, recordings, icon buttons, digital contents, materials that are uploaded, software and collection of data) shall be the property of the platform and shall be protected by United Arab Emirates laws and the international copyrights laws.
  4.  Global Marvels platform retains all intellectual property rights over curriculums, content, lessons and everything that is provided to children through the platform, this includes all financial and literary rights and it is prohibited to copy, upload, publish, trade or license others to use this content. It is also prohibited to quote, modify, imitate or exploit the content in any commercial or non-commercial form.
  5.  In case of violation of our intellectual property rights including the provisions aforesaid, we shall take all the legal measures against whoever committed the violations.


Section 14: Trademarks

  1. “Global Marvels”, “Edunation” and logos connected with it shall be our trademarks and/or our services marks. 
  2.  Pictures, logos, headers of pages, icon buttons, texts and services names shall be trademarks and commercial designs of “Global Marvels”.
  3.  Reproduction of trademarks or commercial designs of “Global Marvels” in any media or advertising means shall be prohibited without a written permission from us. 
  4.  Trademarks and commercial designs of “Global Marvels” may not be used for contacting any product or service that doesn’t belong to us.


Section 15: Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  1.  The platform is available in all parts of the world and you declare and agree that you are bound by all the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement regardless of the state to which you belong or through which you enter into the site or on whose territory the services of the site are received.
  2. The user shall use or apply for our services in a legal way via the platform and shall follow all the instructions available in relation to the use or applying for the services. In case you breach these instructions, we might block your access to the platform.
  3. You shall be bound to pay for the services that are paid for and requested by you via the platform in accordance with our payment policy.
  4. You shall be prohibited from using the platform or any content published or available via this platform in a way that contradicts our objectives, laws in force or the provisions of this agreement.
  5. The user undertakes to precisely enter the information required to be entered in the platform and he shall be responsible for regularly reviewing this information for the purpose of correcting, modifying or renewing it as long as you have new information regarding this and you are required to keep all the data and documents proving that.
  6. In case you have provided incorrect, imprecise, non-synchronized, or incomplete information or in case we have reasonable reasons to suspect that this information is incorrect, imprecise, non-synchronized, in complete or inconsistent with this agreement of use and without prejudice to any other rights under this agreement or the law, we will suspend or cancel your membership.
  7. The user shall be bound to notify us in case he discovers any illegal use of the platform, any of the services, sale orders or credit cards.
  8. The use of “Global Marvels” might be coupled with making available services or content of other bodies that aren’t under our control. Consequently, you declare that other conditions, provisions and policies of privacy apply to your use of the services and content of the bodies not belonging to us.


 Section 16: Granted Licenses

  1. The platform grants you a limited and non-exclusive license for using “Global Marvels” platform. You shall be prohibited from assigning the license in the interests of third parties or sub authorizing third parties without the consent of the platform. 
  2. We grant you the license within the limits of the non-commercial use of our services. Consequently, you shall be prohibited from the commercial use of the platform or any of its services without our consent.
  3. The license to use the platform or to benefit from our services in the scope of this agreement does not include reselling or any commercial use of any of our services or its contents. This license doesn’t involve any copy of the information available about the account in the favour of third parties or the use of means of getting data as well as any use of the tools of collecting and eliciting the similar data.
  4. You may not reproduce or make typical copy of this platform, copy, sell, resell any part of it or use it in a different way for purposes of commercial or non-commercial exploitation of it without having an express written consent by “Global Marvels”.
  5. You may not use any descriptive marks or any other text which exploits the name “Global Marvels” or its trademark without an express written consent by the platform.
  6. You aren’t licensed in any of the forms to publish any link of platforms or another platforms via the platform or through any features available within the platform.
  7. You may use our services in the form only legally permitted and according to the conditions of the agreement. You may not misuse our services in any of the forms.
  8. The licenses granted by us shall terminate in case you don’t comply with these conditions of use or any conditions of another service.
  9. All rights not expressly granted to you to these conditions of  or any conditions of another service shall be reserved by “Global Marvels”.


Section 17: Comments Policy

  1. The comments by the user must be true and don’t cause any wrong to any party or person. It is prohibited during the comments to expose names, persons, institutions, companies, symbols or to defame or do wrong to them in any way. Also, it is prohibited to use religious slogans or phrases contempting cultures or peoples or conflicting the applicable law.
  2. Comments shall not contain any offense to the employee, platform, platform staff, its administration or services. Also it is prohibited to post any confidential information related to content, employees, children or the platform.
  3. In all cases, “Global Marvels” shall not incur any liability in view of the truth of comments and their legality and we shall not incur any liability for illegal comments for which those who wrote them shall be liable.
  4. “Global Marvels” platform shall reserve the full right to review and delete any illegal comments and to suspend or cancel the membership of the person doing wrong. The non-removal of the illegal comments shall not mean to a participation or a consent to the publication. Our right to review the comments must not be understood to be a legal obligation lying on us and you have to report to us in case of the existence of illegal comments to take the suitable action for them.
  5. The platform shall reserve its rights to refuse to publish any comments at anytime in case they conflict with the preceding provisions.
  6. In all cases, we shall reserve the full right to resort to judiciary and to get all the appropriate compensations in case the comments result in damages to “Global Marvels” platform while reserving by the prejudiced person and the society of his right to the criminal punishments.


Section 18: Legal Liability

  1. You expressly agree that you use "Global Marvels" platform at your own responsibility and undertake to use the platform for legitimate and regular purposes in accordance with the nature of our services, our terms, conditions and regulations applicable.
  2. You agree not to use “Global Marvels” or any service provided via it in an illegal, deceitful or antisocial way as we determine.
  3. You agree not to send any messages characterized by being racial or containing cursing and defamation or bad names, porn pictures or those characterized in general by being decadent.
  4. In case of the breach by the user of any of the conditions or provisions of this agreement, “Global Marvels” shall be entitled to take an administrative action only within the platform. This action might be the suspension of membership for a time period or a permanent ban on the user in breach. He shall not be entitled in this case to register in the platform once more except with an express consent of “Global Marvels”.
  5. In case you violated this agreement, “Global Marvels” shall reserve its right to recover any amounts due to us from you as well as any losses or damages caused by you. And the platform shall be entitled to take the legal procedures or to resort to competent courts to file civil or criminal actions against you.
  6. You shall be bound to compensate for any losses or damages caused to the platform as a result of any illegal use or not permitted by us.
  7. You agree to compensate “Global Marvels” and to acquit its liability as well as defending it against all the actions and claims brought or claimed by third parties as a result of your use of platform or due to the violation of these conditions and terms or the breach of the rights of the other users.
  8. “Global Marvels” platform doesn’t ensure to take actions against all the violations of this agreement. Not taking legal procedures in relation to any of the cases of violation shall not mean a waiver of our right to take these procedures at any time we consider appropriate.
  9. You shall be bound by all the laws and regulations in force within the United Arab Emirates and shall incur all the liability arising from your breach of the laws and regulations also you shall be bound by all the terms and conditions provided for in this agreement.
  10. You declare that you will notify us in case of the existence of any publications, materials or transactions that seem to violate this agreement.
  11. The user shall be bound not to defame the platform and in case he has any problem connected with the platform, he has to contact the administration via e-mail or via the announced means of communication.


Section 19: Disclaimer of Liability 

  1. We provide our services “as they are available” without any promises or guarantees of any kind whether express or implied through the use of this platform, it’s content or services provided by it.
  2. You declare that “Global Marvels” is an internet – based service and in spite of exerting our best to keep information safe, we can’t guarantee that information received or transmitted by the user while using the platform is safe at all times.
  3. We are doing our best to make available our services. Nevertheless, you shall exempt us from any legal or contractual liability in case we are unable to make available the services of the platform at anytime of for any reason.
  4. You shall declare that you accept all the conditions of the exemption from liability or limiting it provided for in this section in addition to your acceptance of the conditions of exemption from liability or limiting it provided for herein.
  5. We shall not ensure the validity of the content received by the user via the platform after its provision and its validity shall be limited to the time of its provision only and consequently the platform shall not ensure the modernity or precision of the content after it is provided to the user via the platform.
  6. The platform includes a content transmitted from electronic or non-electronic other sources. Consequently, this content shall be devoted for media and guiding purposes only and we shall not incur any legal liability in relation to relying on it on the part of the user who has to ascertain it himself.
  7. The platform releases its legal responsibility for any financial, moral or any damages to any of the platform users , whether during providing services to them or at any time, and the Platform does not bear any responsibility arising from the acts of others.
  8. “Global Marvels” shall not be legally liable for losses or damages whatsoever that might arise from using this platform including but limited to the direct and indirect damages.
  9. The platform shall not be liable in all cases for any direct, indirect or dependent losses, loss of profits or damage to the fame whatsoever as a result of disclosing your user name and/or password.
  10. “Global Marvels” doesn’t provide any guarantees that this platform, its servers or the messages are free from viruses or other harmful components.
  11. We might at anytime modify, suspend or interrupt the “Global Marvels” services without sending a notification to you thereof. Also, we might suspend your use of our services in case you violate these conditions and terms or in case you have misused these services from our point of view.
  12. “Global Marvels”, its officials and employees shall not be legally liable to you or to another party for any direct or indirect loss or any other cost that might arise from, in connection with the performance of this agreement or the provisions of our services.
  13. The user has to protect “Global Marvels” and its employees, defend them and compensate them for any losses resulting from any action or claim connected with the platform or from an act or negligence by the user, his representative or agents.
  14. Without prejudice to its other rights, “Global Marvels” shall be entitled to suspend or cancel your membership or your access to the platform at any time without notice and for any reason and to cancel this agreement.


Section 20: Compensation

  1.  The platform does not offer any kind of compensation to its users, guardians or children, and you know and agree that your use of the platform is at your own responsibility.
  2. In case that the platform services are interrupted for a certain period, the platform will compensate the user and extend his subscription period to the same period in which the platform services have been interrupted.


Section 21: Telecommunications

  1.  You agree on getting telecommunications from us and we will communicate with you via e-mail, mobile phone number or through the other services of “Global Marvels”.
  2. You agree that all agreement, notices, disclosures and other telecommunications done by us online satisfy all the legal conditions as if they were written with all their legal effects.
  3. “Global Marvels” platform requires your consent during the registration process to sending messages on your e-mail, mobile phone or via the platform for promotion purposes to inform you of any changes, advantages or new activities added to your platform.
  4. In case you decide at any time that you don’t want to receive promotion messages, you can deactivate the receiving of these messages through correspondence with us. But in this case we don’t ensure that you will enjoy our services fully.


Section 22: Notices

  1. Any notices you like to send to “Global Marvels” must be sent through the features specified within the platform. Any notices sent outside the platform shall not be considered.
  2. Any notices “Global Marvels” likes to send to you shall be either by publicizing them via the platform or sending them to you via the mobile phone number or e-mail you provided us with during the registration process. You are supposed to have known of the notice as soon as the notice is publicized via the platform or with the lapse of 24 hours from the time at which the message was sent to you.


Section 23: Taxes and Fees 

  1. The user shall be liable for paying all the taxes levied on him as a buyer including the value added tax in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. The users of the platform shall be bound to pay any additional charges or taxes levied in any other country from which the user access to the platform.
  3. The user shall be bound to pay the fees of telecommunications companies for the purpose of getting the data connected with the access to the internet to be able to access the services of the platform.


 Section 24: Modifications

  1. "Global Marvels" platform has the right to change the terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time it deems appropriate and for any reason, the user must see these modifications before continuing to use the platform, and we will inform the user of the appropriate means. Also we will update the date of  "last updated" at the top of  this document.
  2. Your continued use of the platform after any updates to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, whether by adding, deleting or modifying, is considered as your express consent to these updates.
  3. At any time, we may make any modifications or improvements that we deem necessary for the platform and its services to increase its effectiveness, and the user is committed to any directives or instructions provided by the platform to him in this regard, and this type of modification will not require any notices or notifications to the user.
  4. "Global Marvels" platform has the right to change current and future fee, subscriptions and commission plans, without requiring the consent of any of the platform's users, and the new fee plans apply with a direct impact from the date they are changed by the platform.


Section 25: Assignment of Rights and Obligations

  1. “Global Marvels” shall be entitled to transfer all the rights mentioned in this agreement to third parties without any objection by the user. All shall be bound to perform all their obligations mentioned in this agreement to the assignee immediately they are notified of the assignment. The assignee shall be entitled to take all the legal procedures against whoever doesn’t perform his obligations under this agreement.
  2. You may not assign your obligations and rights under this agreement or authorize a third party to manage your account in the platform except after getting a written consent from us.


Section 26: Cancellation of The Agreement

  1. The agreement shall be deemed to have been automatically rescinded without the need of excuses or taking judicial procedures in case your breach of any paragraph or term of the terms of this agreement above mentioned is proved while reserving all our rights to claim compensation for the damages resulting therefrom, assigning or subleasing the account without our consent, the non-performance by you of any obligations provided for this agreement without taking serious actions to eliminate this breach while reserving our rights to claim compensations if necessary, inability to document any information you provided us with, in case we decide at anytime that your activities resulted in legal disputes to you or to other users, the cease of the activity of the platform or the cease of the activity of the official of platform management.
  2. In case of a dissolution of the agreement for any of the users of the platform, in this case he is prohibited from using the platform in any way. Also all transactions or activities carried out by the user through the platform will remain effective in accordance with this agreement before its dissolution.


 Section 27: Applicable Law and Competent Courts

  1. This agreement shall be governed by the laws in force within United Arab Emirates.
  2. Judiciary within United Arab Emirates shall have jurisdiction over any dispute that might arise from the interpretation or performance of this agreement.
  3. In case any of the provisions of this agreement becomes illegal or unenforceable, the legality and enforceability of the other provisions will not be affected.


Section 28: Language 

  1. Arabic text of this agreement shall be the certified text in relation to interpretation and application of its terms and conditions.
  2. In case of conflict between the Arabic text and the translated text of this agreement, the Arabic text shall prevail.


Section 29: Cancellation and refund policy 

In case the customer wishes to cancel the order and refund the amount paid, this will be according to the following policies:

  1. The client does not have the right to claim a refund of the amount paid after the child's account has been issued and account data has been sent to email or text messages.
  2. The customer has the right to benefit from the services of the platform within one month from the date of payment and is not entitled to claim a refund of the amount paid or to receive compensation in any way after the expiration of the said period.
  3. If the child's starting date is postponed, this shall be done at least 3 days before the start of the monthly subscription.
  4. If the application is canceled before the child’s account is issued, then a deduction of (100 UAE dirhams) from the subscription value is entitled to be calculated as an administrative fee.